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Why Parents Love Us

As a leading childcare provider in Eltham, New Eltham and Avery Hill Park, Crafty Wizards Pre-School ensures your child has the most magical experience possible. 


Caring Staff


Choosing Childcare

Choosing childcare is an anxious time for both parents and children. It can also be an exciting and happy time. Your child is growing and may be ready for more opportunities for learning and socialising with other children. Choosing a nursery or pre-school can be a very personal decision, you need to feel confident in the setting that best fits your child.


To recognise this, at Crafty Wizards we have created '18 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Childcare' with what we think are important questions to gain answers to. Contact us now for us to share this valuable resources created by Pre-School. This resource will help empower you to make the right decision for you and your family

What Our Parents Say

Choosing Childcare

Crafty Wizards Ethos

Our Ethos ensures that quality learning opportunities and progress occur for all our 'Crafty Wizards' in a fun and caring environment.



Inspire Creativity and offer challenge 



Build effective Relationships with all



Accept value and respect others



Offer Fun and personalised learning


Tomorrow Thinkers

Develop and support Tomorrow Thinkers


Yes! I can

Develop a 'Yes I Can' attitude

Our Ethos

Settling In

To make those first few sessions go as smoothly as possible for your child we do/carry out the following procedures:

Settling in leaflet with advice & usual practice
Social story with places, faces & routines to read &
show your child
Getting to know your child questionnaire
Take home 'Magic egg/ Owl' as a transitional object
Give you a call if required to update you on your child
Settling In
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We encourage parent involvement in everything we do at Crafty Wizards Pre-School. You are your child's life long teacher, We invite and encourage parents to share information about the wellbeing, learning and development of our children through:

Online Parent Portal to keep you updated on observations and assessments
Stay and play days and events throughout the year such as our popular Winter Wonderland
Opportunities to share information about your child: Check reports, end of year written reports
Key person feedback and our Wizarding Quills with daily updates on how your Crafty Wizard has got on during a session
Home learning partnership initiatives such as our learning sacks
ECAT, EYFS talk private meeting


We have a safer for all COVID-19 policy and procedures in place. We invested in new resources, sink units and products to ensure that our pre-schools are safer whilst still being a stimulating and inviting place for our Crafty Wizards. We carry out additional COVID-19 cleans along with our usual twice daily risk assessments to ensure that all are safer at Crafty Wizards Pre-Schools.


Latest News


Find all the latest updates on what our crafty wizards have been up to through our social media links below! We also have two private facebook pages dedicated to parents only.

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